Incredible Facts about Hulk Hogan That Will Leave you Speechless


Most wrestling lovers know at least something little about Hulk Hogan. The name used to mean a lot to most individuals. He is one of the biggest celebrities in the wrestling history. He sold out pitches all around the globe when he was at his best as well as wrestling the top stars from almost every nation. His image has been tinted sometimes like when he had a divorce, sex tape release and when his son had an accident. During his well-known career, he was the eye toffee that boosted the success of the WWE. There were times when he fought with most of the strongest fighters of his time in wrestling. Most people wanted to see him wrestling with most superstars like Andre the giant, Hulkmania, and the Rock.  There were also some episodes where his birthday was celebrated for some few hours. Those are some of the things that you could know about Hulk Hogan but take a look at most of the things you don’t know about the superstar that will leave you speechless. Visit Hogans Beach Shop here!

Hogan’s list of achievements

One of the most known achievements in the career of Hulk Hogan is how he gained fame in wrestling. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. At the beginning of his career, he became the first wrestler to win International Wrestling Grand Prix tournaments in the finals of the contesters featuring wrestlers globally. Hulk together with Antonio Inoki went ahead to win the MSG Tag League Tournament. He also won the Southeastern Championship Wrestling as well as Southeastern Heavyweight Championship twice. Other achievements he has won are the winning of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and WCW World Champion. He has also won a title belt of the WWE World Tag Team Championship. Buy Hulk Hogan costume here!

Hulk’s royal rumble record

You may not be aware of how Hogan has won championships in almost every brand of wrestling.  Another important thing about him that you could not be knowing is that he has was the first wrestler to win the Royal Rumble two times. He was also the first person to win the title for consecutive years.

Record for the best sovereignty in the WCW as a champion

Hulk was a true champ and his achievements are well admired by his diehard fans. Hulk was the longest sovereign WCW World heavyweight champion of all time.

He has several years active as a TV personality

Separately from wrestling, Hogan has been a Hollywood impression as well. He started his career sometimes back and he is still in the acting industry. What is amazing about the legend is that he also played music. To know more ideas about Hulk Hogan, go to

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